Rentals search page is needed for the theme's search to work.

A rental search page is where users can search different rentals listings on the site.


  • GO TO WordPress admin dashboard > Pages > Add New.
  • SELECT RENTAL SEARCH VR template and Publish the page.
  • DESCRIPTON: Add description to the custom rentals SEARCH page.
  • SORTBY TEXT: Text displayed on sort by.
  • HIDE MAP?: Check to hide Map on this search page?
  • HIDE DESTINATION?: Check to hide Destination on this search page?
  • HIDE TYPE?: Check to hide Type on this search page?
  • HIDE FEATURE?: Check to hide Feature on this search page?
  • Hide Check In & Check Out?: Check to hide Check In & Check Out on this search page?
  • HIDE DESCRIPTION?: Check to hide Description? on this search page?
  • HIDE SORTING?: Check to hide Sorting? on this search page?

You should also add this page to the homepage, by configuring the Search box options.